Thursday, December 14, 2017

GCash Pros & Cons

When I started earning from online jobs, I researched, just like you, which is the best avenue that I will get the most of my money on my Paypal account. After reading numerous blogs and reviews, I have concluded that getting a GCash account and card is my best option.

Here are the PROs of having a GCash account.

PRO # 1: there is no transaction fee to transfer funds from PayPal to GCash. I just have to pay for the card ₱ 210(I opted for the beep card variant). There is also an atm withdrawal fee of ₱ 20. If you don't get a card, you can still get your money at a Globe store, however, the withdrawal fee is ₱ 20 per ₱ 1000 that you withdraw.
I withdrew ₱ 8500, transaction history shows ₱ 8520(it includes the withdrawal fee of ₱ 20)
PRO # 2: The PayPal to Gcash transfer is real time. Unlike if you transfer funds to a bank, you have to wait X amount of business days.

PRO # 3: Minimum cash is as low as $1 or €1 if funds are from Paypal, and ₱ 2 if funds are from your BPI account.

PRO # 4: GCash has tons of promo. It is usually in the form of rebate if you use GCash to pay on your online shopping or establishments that use GCash scan to pay.

Last Cyber Monday, I used my GCash Virtual Amex card to shop. Click here to see what I got.
Paid Amazon with GCash Virtual Amex Card

I didn't even know that they have a promo at that time. I just received an SMS, a few days after, that I received a rebate.

I got almost 10% rebate. I guess the maximum rebate for that promo is ₱ 200.

PRO # 5: Rebate if use GCash to buy load. If they have a promo, rebate is 10%, else, it is 5%.

without promo (5% rebate)

with promo (10% rebate)

special promo 105% rebate

GCash please keep the 10% rebate. :)

And now we go to the CONs:

CON # 1: Poor customer service through facebook messenger. It takes days before they reply. You also have to reiterate your concern and it would take them several days to reply.

The worst part is they will no longer reply. Good thing, I checked my account regularly, my dispute was resolved, even it took them more than TAT of 45 business days.

CON # 2: GCash card is out of stock always. I lost my card last October 14. Until I do not have a new GCash card. I have gone to the nearest Globe store in my area for several occasions already but I am always informed that there is no stock. I have also gone to two other branches, I still got no luck.

Customer service via Twitter referred me to order the card through customer service via facebook messenger. I will try to order over the phone after the holidays instead.

So far these are my PROs and CONs for using GCash. I will update you guys once I have tried using to pay bills and scan to pay.

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