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Saturday, February 10, 2018

When are you getting married?

When I was in my teen years, I was always told not to get married until I finished my studies. When I hit my 30s, everybody started asking me if I am already married or when will I get married? I have answered this in two ways, depending on my mood.

JOKING - If someone ask me if I already have a husband, I would answer them that I have a lot or I don't have a husband because I already change my preference. Most people ask me this question, probably out of curiosity and concern. While other ask this question to start a conversation. Normally, I would answer this way if the person who is asking me does not have close relation with me.

STRAIGHT FORWARD and with a statement shirt - The shirt on the left side was my wish list to my secret santa about three years ago. I saw this shirt in Gang Badoy's instagram account, inspired by her Tita Ping and for a fund raiser. I have worn this during family occasions (such as reunions, birthdays and holiday parties). If one of my relatives ask me when will I get married, I would point my shirt. Then I would explain that I don't see myself fit for the role. Just like how I didn't apply for supervisory positions when I was still at the corporate world. I know I can handle the task but as much as possible I'd like to handle minimal responsibility. I am also not domesticated - I only know a little about household chores. I do not have plans yet to be married because I am not emotionally, mentally and financially prepared. Once my confidence level for these categories has reached above expectation, maybe I can entertain the thought of getting into a relationship and eventually getting married. For now, I wont let my age or anyone pressure me into getting into things that I am not ready.

Some say get just have a kid so someone will take care of me when I get old. I have utmost respect for single parents and those who conceived for this reason. But I believe that every child deserves to have a complete family if you can.

All the single ladies, raise your hands at the comment box below and how do you answer this question. :)

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  1. Wait until you’re ready! You may never be ready and that’s ok! Just do what suits your life

  2. Do not worry. When the time is right, you will know.

  3. You take your time dear. Don't let others bug you. ��

  4. Don't worry sister I'll be here for you forever whether you get married or not.


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